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Monday Sep 17,2018

Back it Up

5 Rounds for time
10 KB Swings  
9  Pull Ups
8 Green Ball Slams  
7 Candlesticks  
6 45 Degree Ring Row
5 Box Jumps or Step Ups
    Rx2 15 Dbl Unders
4 Under Bar Rows  
3 Burpee  
2 Wall Balls  
1 Run to the Dumpster

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Becky E25:48 Rx
Paula27:10 (4rds)  30#KD, GREEN&RED BANDS, 20#GBALL, 65#BOR, 14#WB
Linda24:54 Rx
Becky E 6:47am
I will be there at 6 if anyone wants to do a mile before class

Christine 8:39am
I'm pretty sure I can be there at 6

Sandi 10:02am
I wish, I gotta work that squat core strength tonight in body pump....:(