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Wednesday Nov 7,2018

Paula Loves 7'sTabata Hollow Plank

Paula Loves 7's

7 rounds
30 minute cap

5 Ring rows
5 K2E
5 Resist Bands bicep curl (3 sec. up / 3 sec. down)
125 meter row OR run to west end of building
5 Resist Bands tricep kickback (3 sec. up / 3 sec. down)
5 Pull ups
5 Candlesticks

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Christine22:22  K290, 10#
Linda22:42 Rx
Paula 9:58am
Dan I do not love 7's at all r 8's so u know 😁😁😁

Christine 11:08am
But no legs...

Paula 12:24pm
Very true lol not sure if my legs will Bend to do K290 lol r run 😂😂